Floy Zittin Watercolors


   Artist’s Statement

I love observing and painting birds. Their distinct personalities remind me of people I know, and their interactions mirror my own experiences.  Finches, juncos, titmice and chickadees share the feeder like my extended family coming together for a good meal.  Scrub jays squabble like a gang of artists.   As a heron glides slowly overhead, I think of a friend who’s recently died.  Birds remind me of cycles of life and of my one small place in the natural world .

Each of my paintings begins with an observation.  I make jottings in a field notebook which becomes my main resource as I develop a painting in my studio.  While I like to depict a bird species as accurately as possible, I also love the feel of loose, spontaneous watercolors.  To combine these two interests, I’ve developed a technique of working with watercolor on paper, wood or canvas primed with gesso.  This allows me to splash, pour, scrub, experiment and later wipe out an area for a detailed bird.   Because I don’t frame paintings under glass I seal each with an archival varnish.

Two of the joys of painting are connecting with others by sharing bird stories, and hearing someone say, ‘I’ve seen that bird you painted!’  I hope my work will bring  new appreciation for the amazing avian world around us.